PRIVACY NOTICE  25th May 2018

This Privacy Notice tells you how your personal information is processed by Work West. We are a social enterprise and a charity promoting economic regeneration and we use personal information to assist individuals and small businesses to start up and grow. Our Data Protection Policy document has additional information on the high priority we give to complying with data protection principles in the overall governance of Work West.

What lawful basis for processing my personal information does Work West rely on?

Each employee of Work West has a contract of employment and each tenant renting from us has a written tenancy agreement, and our lawful processing is based on these agreements. Work West receives funding from a variety of sources for projects on terms which are contractual and if you are a business client participating in a project, we will process your personal information for that purpose. There are special arrangements detailing the operation of security cameras at our two sites and for the security of our management information systems.

Who processes my personal information in Work West?

Your personal information is used only for your particular involvement with Work West, whether as employee or tenant or business client or visitor to Work West. It is used by office staff supporting the Agency Manager, or property manager or your business advisor in relation to Work West projects in which you are participating.

How does Work West collect information about me?

We collect personal information about you directly from you. We do not collect personal information about you from other sources.

How is my personal information processed?

Your personal information is processed by the employees of Work West on a person to person basis with you and with others having a legitimate role in your project. Social media is not used except where our business advisor employs it to advance or publicise your project.

Is there any other use of my personal information?

We do not engage in further processing of your personal information such as direct marketing, sharing with others, profiling or statistical activities. We do not use cookies on our web page. Your information is not processed within Work West or passed to any outside agency or person, except in relation to the project in which you are involved. It is not sent outside of the European Union.

For how long does Work West keep my personal information when my relationship with you has ended?

We keep personal information while the purpose for which it was obtained continues. We retain information about projects you were involved in as required by funders or for our accountants in relation to company law and charity law requirements and other legal requirements. Otherwise, we do not keep your information as it is deleted when the purpose has been achieved. If you agree, we may keep your personal information to contact you at a later date.

Are there any outside agencies which have access to my personal information?

There are two such agencies, namely our security camera operators and our software security firm. We have a written agreement with each such agency restricting the use of the security cameras to protect and manage our business premises, and restricting the operation of the software security firm as a back-up service for our management information systems.

How are the security cameras managed at Work West’s two sites?

There are security cameras at each of Work West’s two sites, operated by a security company. Our Property Manager can view content on them. The written agreement with the security company ensures compliance with data protection law.
The cameras are used to secure and manage the two sites. They are not used for any other purpose. Notices show where the cameras operate. Images are kept for 31 days and are then destroyed by the security company. They are not given to any third party except where there is a request from a criminal or civil law authority which must be complied with.

Can I request details of what personal information Work West holds about me?

You have a legal right to request details of what personal information we hold about you. You may make your request in writing or by email. The request is free of charge. We must reply within thirty days at the latest. We need only to be satisfied that a request has come from you rather than from any other person. This is important but will rarely create a problem. A request for personal information will be passed immediately to the Agency Manager who will reply directly to you.

Can I have my personal information corrected or amended?

Yes. This will be done on request by you and as agreed with you at any time and free of charge.

Have you any other information about your policy on handling personal information?

Our Data Protection Policy gives general information about the nature of Work West and how it is managed. It outlines other steps that we take to ensure compliance with data protection principles for your personal information and indicates that such compliance is essential to the governance of Work West. We trust that it gives transparency to your relationship with Work West and greater context to this Privacy Notice. It is available on our web page or on request to us.

How do I contact Work West about any complaint I may want to make?

Write to or email the Agency Manager. If your complaint is about the Agency Manager, write or email using the address below to the chair of the Board of Directors.

Our contact details are:
Postal address: Work West, 301 Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BU.
Telephone: 028 9061 0826
Email address:

Approved by the Board of Work West on 25th May 2018.