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Thinc Schools


Work West has developed the 'thinc' method which combines design thinking and creative problem solving principles to help stimulate new thinking and innovation. 


We deliver a 3 day facilitated Community Innovators programme allowing small teams to work collaboratively to solve complex problems and challenges, followed by mentoring support.  

Our thinc methodology can also be used to address shared challenges. A recent project saw 38 stakeholders successfully working collaboratively to come up with new concepts and ideas to address challenges linked to the employability of 16-18 year olds.  

We develop bespoke programmes for organisations keen to equip their teams with the tools to think more creatively, address challenges and identify innovative solutions. 

For more information contact Claire Ferris -

Thinc Schools

Thinc Schools

Thinc Schools

Work West Enterprise Agency Thinc Schools

Thinc Schools is an innovative programme for primary and post-primary aged pupils, underpinned by creative practice and design thinking theory.  

Teacher training forms part of the programme to enable educators to enhance and compliment the school curriculum. Young people taking part develop valuable life skills through creativity and are encouraged to look at things from new perspectives. 

Workshops are structured using exercises, challenges and games which stimulate imagination, critical thinking and team building and create a safe space for self-reflection. Students work through creative problem-solving processes, providing them with the tools to become more confident and thoughtful decision makers. 

For more information visit the Thinc Schools website at or contact Claire Ferris -

Community Innovators Programme

The Community Innovators Programme by Work West Enterprise Agency supports voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations to explore and develop innovative and more impactful solutions to social challenges facing communities and organisations.

We will be welcoming 10 teams from across NI to take part in the programme over the next two months and are delighted to be able to open a new call for challenges closing on 29th November.

For more information and to express an interest in support visit CFNI.