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Social Enterprise


At Work West Enterprise Agency we are passionate about contributing to the local economy through our range of services for businesses.  

Work West can provide you with the right kind of support and guidance on your entrepreneurial journey.  We support individuals who are interested in exploring the idea of setting up a new business and have been delivering government sponsored start-up programmes for three decades, helping over 5000 entrepreneurs set up new ventures.

As well as assisting business start-ups, Work West offer a range of business growth programmes suitable for existing businesses.  

Our experienced business advisers are on hand for tailored training, support and mentoring, helping you make the right decisions in your planning processes.

For further information about how our support programmes can benefit you and your business. contact Helen Lunny, helen@workwest.co.uk.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Celebrating Social Enterprise success in Belfst - Social in the City May 2019

As a market leader, Work West is well known for the quality training and mentoring provided by our team of experts to aspiring and existing social enterprises in Belfast, Ards and North Down and Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council areas.  

Over the past 30 years Work West has supported micro and large social enterprises, one example being Cash for Cans, known today as the social enterprise Bryson Recycling.

Work West currently helps social enterprise start-ups negotiate that challenging start-up journey through the Go Social Programme with Belfast City Council (Social Enterprise & Cooperatives Programme) and the ANDSEP programme which is the social enterprise start up programme for clients located in Ards and North Down.

For further information on social enterprise contact Helen Lunny helen@workwest.co.uk or Stephen McGarry, stephen@workwest.co.uk.

Our Social Enterprise Champion

Championing Social Enterprise in Belfast

We are delighted to annouce Bill Atkinson, Chief Executive of USEL, as our 'Go Social' Champion  working closely with the Work West team to spearhead the promotion of the Belfast City Council Go Social Programme across the city.

USEL exists to “Champion Ability”, helping people living with  disabilities and health-related conditions find and sustain employment.  Operating across 5 sites, its social business group includes the Ability  Cafe, Vintage Satchel, The Factory Shop, Slumberin and Usel Recycling  Solutions. 

Under Bill’s leadership, USEL has become Northern Ireland’s  largest provider of supported employment for people with disabilities or  health-related conditions. He is passionate about balancing  commerciality with social impact and this is evident in USEL’s manufacturing operation, which produces a wide range of products,  including mattresses, hand stitched vintage leather satchels and bespoke  bags for clients including the UK Emergency Services. 

To find out how we can support your new social enterprise or cooperative venture call Stephen or Helen on 028 90610826.


Client Testimonial

Work West Enterprise Agency OutsideIn


At Work West Enterprise Agency, we are proud to have been a part of the journey of many local organisations. Social enterprise OutsideIn (Oi) is one example. Starting out as a streetwear brand to meet the immediate short-term needs of those on our streets, OutsideIn (Oi) has the long-term goal of ending homelessness in our lifetime and are constantly evolving and collaborating with other people and organisations to make that happen.

"Thanks for having us at Work West in 2018. The Support and help you have given us has no doubt played a big part in the growth and achievements of late. You have an incredible team who evidently look out for each other and for those at the units here. Couldn't be a better place, so thank you."                

David and the Oi Team